Matter of Impact I

Matter of Impact is an online collection launched by the Rockefeller Foundation, which intends to cast a close eye on a single topic or issue using short visual features, videos, and case studies.

The theme of this collection focuses on issues that are widely discussed and important to society today. These include COVID-19, renewable energy, poverty and hunger, and other essential topics. The project shows the Rockefeller Foundation's ongoing concern and remitting efforts to support our ecological environment and human life on earth.

The inspiration for this design comes from ripples. The repeated pattern of alternating colors resembles the ripples caused by a stone thrown into a lake. Such a design makes the audience focus their eyes on the scene's center. At the same time, it implies an expectation that the influence of the Rockefeller Foundation on society and human beings is like ripples in an endless stream.

Year: 2021
Sector: visual communication  
Skills: Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator

Art Direct: Ahoy
Designer: Decong Ma