Sponsoring Guide for Hongshan Forest Zoo

Zoos worldwide encounter financial crises at different levels due to the decrease in visitors and tourists since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hongshan Forest Zoo, located in the Nanjing province of China, has had its animals suffering from starvation due to the financial crisis brought on by the pandemic.

This playful yet concise and informative brochure was created for the Hongshan Forest Zoo as a guide for potential sponsors. The purpose of this guide was to inform and educate others on how they can help by sponsoring different animals and simply showcasing the different animals they can sponsor at different levels.

The brochure features a modern and clean font and keeps a consistent and organized demeanor. The opening pages concisely explain the project, followed by the individual pages of animals to be sponsored.

The colorful and playful depictions of the animals create a sense of child-like endearment and curiosity for the reader. In contrast, the simplicity of the animal designs keeps things clean and professional.

Year: 2021
Sector: Publication 
Skills: Adobe Indesign, Illustrator